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6th Papertech Expo 2024


Welcome to 6th Papertech Expo 2024

Media Partner

Media plays a crucial role in the success of the Papertech Expo 2024. As one of the premier events in the paper and pulp industry, the expo attracts significant attention from media outlets, including journalists, bloggers, and industry publications. The media coverage provides extensive exposure and publicity for the event, its exhibitors, and the industry as a whole. Journalists and reporters attend the expo to capture the latest trends, innovations, and highlights, which are then shared through press releases, articles, interviews, and social media platforms. This media attention not only increases the visibility of the Papertech Expo but also helps in promoting the participating exhibitors, generating buzz, and attracting a wider audience. The media’s involvement ensures that the Papertech Expo 2024 receives the recognition it deserves, contributing to its overall success and impact in the paper and pulp industry.

Papertech Expo has various types of Media Partner.

  1. Print Media Partner
  2. Broadcast Media Partner
  3. Official Publication
  4. International Media Partner

1. Print Media Partner

Bangladesh Pratidin

Bangladesh Pratidin is the Highest circulated Newspaper in Bangladesh. Also it has a strong Online Version.

Bangladesh Pratidin is a daily, Bengali-language independent newspaper in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2010. Bangladesh Pratidin tops the list of highest circulated dailies in the country out of 345 newspapers published from Dhaka and elsewhere, the information minister told parliament 10 March 2014.

Daily Sun

Leading English newspaper in Bangladesh providing latest news of politics, business, sports, entertainment, health, travel and many more

Daily Sun is an English-language daily newspaper published in Dhaka, Bangladesh, founded in 2010. It also operates an English news portal and a Bangla news portal apart from maintaining a website for the e-version of the published copies.

2. Broadcast Media Partner

News 24

News24 is a news-based nonstop satellite television channel and the fifth venture of East West Media Group Limited. The project was planned to make a difference in the traditional pattern of audiovisual feeds of news and views to the viewers in general.

The TV channel started formal streaming on the air on July 28, 2016 after license was acquired on March 25, 2015. The television channel has already become successful in making a vibrant presence among the viewers at home and abroad by its objective and in-depth news coverage alongside the news analysis and meaningful presentation of people’s reactions and expert views on events of public interests.

Supported by a pretty large group of smart and young news crew, technical team, creative planners, most modern & artificially intelligent devices and tools, the television channel is believed to become one of the leading of its kind in the country soon.

3. Official Publication

Bangladesh Pulp & Paper

The Bangladesh Pulp & Paper  gets published by the collective effort and continued support of the paper business fraternity. This catalogue is more than just a publication as it provides comprehensive guidelines in terms of all sectors allied with the paper industry. Technological advancement is rapidly changing in this fast moving world. This book is largely intended to ensure the accuracy and genuineness of information going around in the global market as well as save time for the stakeholders to connect with the correct destination.

4. International Media Partner

Paper Mart

Since 2000, PAPER MART is a widely-acknowledged commercial publication in India with an abiding aim to disseminate the news, views, and reviews happening worldwide in pulp and paper manufacturing and converting sector. The magazine’s ascending popularity by virtue of the authenticity of material presented, first-hand interviews of the industry’s who’s who, research and case studies in comprehensible language, technology review articles, deftly chosen utilizable news, and strong online presence has created a strong readership base in India and beyond. This, of course, makes Paper Mart one of the most fitting platforms for the pulp and paper industry to advertise and get noticed by its ever growing reader’s network.